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  1. They are intentionally going for accuracy of emulation over speed, under the logic that there will always be faster hardware.
  2. F-B-A, man~ Lol now get GGPO and challenge the old boy BK to some 3rd Strike.
  3. Want easy, use Windows Movie Maker. Want best, use Premiere Pro.
  4. They suggest I disable the DNS Client service. So I did. Service isn't running but RA2 still connects to the same place.
  5. I rebooted and flushed DNS. No dice. So I uninstalled Westwood Online Components, deleted the WOL config ini from the RA2 folder, reinstalled, recopied the HOSTS file. Still no luck- same result. I always end up at the Strike Team server.
  6. Stop being flirty. Wait till you grow some pubic hair Motherflocking 0wned!
  7. Well I just checked the HOSTS file I downloaded here against my original (which I backed up). I'm definitely using yours. \\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS contains
  8. Dunno if this helps, but are these the same messages you get? Invalid password and all, I mean.
  9. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was announced back in February for a release later this year. Currently a beta is underway, invites to which are contained in retail boxes of the Kane's Wrath PC version, and there is already some leaked footage available. Just to get you up to speed it is using a modified C&C3 engine (itself a modified SAGE engine). The 3 factions available are the Allies, Soviets and The Empire, the last of which is fictitious Japanese dictatorship. Faction heroes include Tanya, returning for the Allies, Natasha, possibly related to the Soviet Boris from RA2 (Boris and Natasha, lol), and Yuriko Omega for the Japs, a psychic schoolgirl whose name and abilities are an obvious nod to Yuri, who will sadly not be returning. Official Site: http://www.ea.com/redalert/index.jsp Empire Vs. Allies Gameplay Watch more Gaming Videos
  10. SCIII was where they really axed Siegfried and Nightmare- I hate what happened there. And I agree- Zas and Hilde are good but Setsuna and Tira... ergh. And why doesn't Zas' F,F+2,2 launch anymore? Bad move cutting that in the AE, bad move not having it here. That was the no.1 piss-off move int he game.
  11. Yeh that's the one. Was real ghetto playing that on the PS2 back in the day.
  12. But all your COD4 friends are local so you'd get better speeds with them anyway. If you can be bothered also try this; http://www.portforward.com/english/routers...routerindex.htm Choose your router, and then choose Xbox Live 360. It will tell you the settings to forward ports and improve the connection.
  13. I say SoulCalibur II. III just seemed to dumb everything down and IV follows its lead.
  14. I'm only going to be around for an hour or so more- got work in the morning :/.
  15. Good playing with you as always LSD and it was a pleasant surprise to have Bambi joining us as well. I just wish we didn't come down with a lagfest today in SC4 and VF5. What the hell?
  16. Wow, the Australian OFLC was the first to rate it. A lot of the other shooters went NTSC-J only, but I guess this means I will at least be getting this, whatever 'Dimensions' turns out to be.
  17. Its something like DF,UB,QCF,HCB+A+B. It's easy to mash out though.
  18. That should be fine. I didn't end up getting Oblivion but will one of these days. When I get through SC4 and NG2.
  19. Yeh I'll be on tonight. The best connection I've seen so far has been 3/5. Hopefully I will get a better speed with you See you online later.
  20. My Soul Calibur IV came today. So far I don't like what they've done to the characters I'm familiar with... same criticisms as SC3 really.
  21. If you're having performance issues then yeh, use FBA for everything it supports. MAME the rest.
  22. Use FBA. It will play all NeoGeo, CPS games and some other Cave, Sega and misc ones. The good thing about FBA is it runs extremely well even on older machines.
  23. Ok here's what's happening for me. I've installed, patched, copied the HOSTS. In game I go to Internet, enter details and eventually got it to work. Now when I click Custom Match, I connect and find myself in a channel called 'USA Command'. However within 10 secs of just sitting here I get an error 'You have been disconnected from the server'. Any ideas?
  24. I've got to reinstall myself. Will get on as soon as I've got it all setup.
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