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    Project Tempest v0.4 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    Project Tempest version 0.4 has been released.


    Get it at - http://pt.emuunlim.com/

    MAME WIP udate

    By XXLEnigma,

    The MAME Work In Progress page has been updated with some Work In Progress (W.I.P) news.


    Check out the info at - http://www.mame.net/status.html

    CaPriCe32 3.50 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    CaPriCe32 is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows.



    - Rewrote all DirectX code to be more robust and error tolerant.

    - The CPC screen is no longer being painted with hardware stretch blits by default, which should prevent the extreme slow-downs some users experienced.

    - Caprice32 now goes to sleep when loosing focus or getting minimized: CPU usage drops to zero.

    - Emulation can now be switched between windowed and full-screen mode. Full-Screen mode is user defined in resolution and bit depth.

    - Switched to a different timing mechanism which keeps the emulator running closer to the original speed than before.

    - Fixed sound playback - pops and clicks during playback should now be a thing of the past.

    - Emulator Configuration is once again being stored in a file in the emulator directory and no longer in the Registry.

    - New screen rendering methods: scanlines, line doubling (software), and line doubling (hardware).

    - New speed selector in the Options dialog: the emulator speed can now be fixed at multiples of the original CPC speed.

    - Added the option of colour and green monitor.

    - Added error condition checks to zip, DSK and SNApshot routines.

    - Added a modified DSK check at emulator exit so user won't loose their work.

    - Implemented a completely new way to manage input: users can now map the CPC joysticks to any keyboard key or other connected control device, in any combination. See the updated documentation for more details.

    - Mouse cursor now auto-hides to be less obtrusive.

    - Support for French and Spanish keyboard layouts.

    - Some fixes to the Z80 OUT handler involving the GA colour palette and PPI Port C.

    - Added support for CDT tapes: still some work to be done here, as most SpeedLock protected games fail to load! Enjoy in moderation...

    - Added 48 and 96 kHz sound playback options - high frequency notes and "buzzing" tones sound _much_ better now!

    - Added a Frames Per Second display so users can judge how fast the emulation is actually running.


    Get it at - http://www.caprice32.cybercube.com/

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