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    Snes9x 1.40 Released!

    By Alpha,

    Here's what's new:


    -DSP-2 support, homegrown in the forum by ZSNES and Snes9x contributors.

    -Full C4 support, courtesy Nach (asm) and anomie (C version and the initial research)

    -OBC1 support, thanks to ZSNES for the original development and sanmaiwashi for the C port.

    -Justifier support- neviksti and I handled this. Enjoy playing Lethal Enforcers.

    -better memory mapping- More games play, including Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2, without the patch.

    -DSP-1 improvements- The same people who helped bring you DSP-2 support have vastly improved the emulation accuracy here

    Fewer hacks- More games play using the same emulation thanks to new changes.

    -OpenGL and Glide hi-res fixes- If you saw odd rendering before, it is fixed now.

    -Rendering improvements- A lot fewer glitches, but there's more to come after we run many tests.

    -H-DMA fixes- Gun Force and Genocide 2 are happy

    -CPU fixes- quite a few instructions were modified for better accuracy.

    -New Graphics pack config (Win32)- no need to try to get the packs in just the right place

    -Color coded ROM loading- When you load a ROM, Snes9x changes the message color to indicate whether the ROM is a known hack or possibly bad, interleaved or normal.

    -A rewritten Win32 GUI- funkyass and I have rewritten most of the dialog boxes (the DLL is still required, but the next full release should see it gone)


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    RockNES 3.00 Released!

    By Alpha,

    RockNES is a NES emulator for DOS.



    - My brand new kickass 6502/2A03 CPU core;

    - Sound drivers (pAPU + VRCVI) rewritten from scratch (better support);

    - New savestate file format, fully composed by tagged blocks;

    - Fixed a few problems saving/loading states;

    - Fixed WAVE logging;

    - Fixed WorkRAM initial data back to $00s, except for mapper #4;

    - Fixed GUI colors if user selects a different palette (VS Unisystem);

    - Fixed mappers #9 and #10 graphics on state loading;

    - New fast stretched mode on 640x480 by default now;

    - Added a disassembler, you can output ASM code to a window anytime;

    - Others usual source fixes.


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    GEST 0.64 Released!

    By Alpha,

    GEST is a Gameboy emulator based on VisualBoy Advance for Windows.



    - Fixed graphic problems in Barbie Magic Genie title

    - GB Hi-Color Demo (PD) works

    - Fixed random crashing in Beat Mania GB 2 (J)

    - Fixed some bugs in rom loading


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