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  1. Robert you do a lot for ARCADE & everyone on here would agree with me, if it means you're not doing any builds we all can wait for a while. I'm pretty sure that if a member makes there own builds they wouldn't mind sharing. I have just done a fresh install & the games I have played have saved my new nvram & cfg files ok, I have exit ARCADE & all working for me though & I don't have 2 mame ini files either but it does save a mame ini file when I exit but I don't know if that is supposed to happen. Well I can play my games without a problem that I know of. All I can say is someone do a new build using Robert's settngs & see if the problem still exists. Thanks
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  2. I have a lot going on currently, and the winui builds are difficult to investigate, so I'll stop doing releases of Arcade until some time can be found.
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