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    Ok, double error here, LOAD_IGNORE wasn't ignored by -rc & -rcf, plus a partial rom load from the driver shouldn't print any error. All fixed ! (it shows that nobody has been running a serious romcheck for a very long time or at least they didn't report the errors).
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    Typo error on my part : filenames recognized : { "bubble_bobble_romstar2", }, { "bubbobr1", }, { "bubbolbr1", }, The last one should have been bubboblr1 and not bubbolbr1. Will fix that for next time, but I had the original archive which still has the short name bubbobr1 and didn't notice it. This change was from 2015, so it was not a problem for a lot of people. Anyway next time it will recognize the right name then... !
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    ARCADE 64 0.222 is released. Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/ Changes: - none
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    On 2nd thought, the fix is not hard to make, only a few lines. So I'll do it again, there are a few minor fixes already committed to git and I needed a reason to make a new binary. Plus I need to recompile all the 32 bits windows dlls (oh joy), to get rid of the dependencies to the old gcc, anyway, I'll release this soon... (already fixed in git)
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    Tsss... can't insert my reply in the middle of this, so it will do here : 1 : Not for me, sorry, I don't know exactly what happens for you, but the rom loads fine here. 2 : Ah ok for this one, the -romcheck command doesn't handle very well the roms loaded with a ROM_CONTINUE, actually these roms are very few, and it's the 1st time this is reported... Anyway what happens is that it says bad size 0x20000 because the rom is loaded by parts of 0x10000 with a ROM_CONTINUE for the 2nd one. It's harmless anyway, but thanks for the info. 3 :Since you didn't give any example I am obliged to guess here, and chances are you stumbled on another game using ROM_CONTINUE, like sonicwi3 for example... ! That means also that nobody seriously used -rcf in the many years it existed, it's from before 2009 (start of git in august 2009, and it was already here). Wow, it just shows I spent too much time on this already ! I'd say not worth fixing it for now, sorry !
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    ARCADE32 0.222 32bit avaliable (Compatible with Xp). Download from this GDrive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eiNztWEpk0C7CiiZXz0SMDM_eJOmb0FO?usp=sharing
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