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The Last Option



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It's been a tough couple weeks as of late and I've been thinking more and more about this very website. What we've accomplished and what we've endured have all been experiences for all of us. Some cherished, some to be forgotten.


I truly am going out of ideas for 1Emulation. I don't know what to do, nor do I ever think it will be how I imagine it. It's hard to know if you're wasting your time or if it really is a hobby in itself. Sometimes it feels that I work harder on 1Emulation than my own real life job. Happiness has been pretty much a non-existant factor for myself these past 10 years or so. It comes and goes (not that I am clinically depressed), but I'id rather be angry than happy now. I've learned a lot, but I don't believe I'm the correct owner for this website. There's a lot of lost time these 4 and a half years, including a lot of page refreshes, and many good things that have happened.


However, my life is missing something far greater in which this website has taken from me. I can't go back in time to retrieve it, but I can change the future.


To conclude, I believe life without 1Emulation would be the right choice for me right now. However it happens, I'm not sure. It probably won't be sold, nor will it be given. There is only one last option.


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I... really don't know what to say...Are you going to only quit from managing this site or are you planning to totally abandon it?

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Well all I can say about 1emu is that it is one of the friendliest forums in the emulation scene I ever visited. :naughty:

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It sounds like he wants to close it down. That would not be a good idea imo. If you need a break take it as there are enough admins and mods to keep things running (except for server/site crashes of course). But make sure you come back because we will not forget you. :naughty:

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:naughty: Wow. You're really serious?... Dang. But I guess it's reasonable. Even Gamecop is human. And if you feel you need to leave 1emu altogether, I'm sure there would be many people ready to take over for you. :naughty: We'll never forget your work, Gamecop.
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I can't say I know how you feel. But if you need a break, time to collect your thoughts and re-evalute your priorities, don't think twice. None of us would like to see you or 1Emu go, but you have to do what's in your best interest. We don't know what sort of career you've set your sights for. You've mentioned you're working hard on it. Hopefully that provides you with some comfort and happiness. Maybe you need a change from what you're doing. You have a great team of people to handle things here. Get that wrench out of your gears and perhaps 1Emu can once again be that part of your life you can't do without everyday.

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Yaya the question every siteowner asks himself one time.Dont spend all the time on working on the site.Take some more time to chill. When did you actually play a game the last time ? I think the site eats up your time and you lost focus on the fun of playing games. At least it what happened to me.On the other hand, you have taken this site to where it could be taken.You cant achieve much more with a website like this.You build a community. You found friends. You earned respect.But that is all you can achieve with your work, so take a break and chill - If you can

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Don't Drop out, it'll only make you feel worse. i agree with madman and superman. Take a break. Many webmasters have expectations in hopes of what they want for their website. i learned at times you have to work with what you have and make the best of it. This isn't a competition of some sort. this is a community for users alike to enjoy, rant and ask questions regarding emulation purposes and other affairs. Although life does come before anything else. so enjoy life for maybe about a week or so. and pop on 1emulation when you feel you should. - Gabriel

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If you need a break let me take over ;-)But seriously do not let this site come to an end! This is one of my favorite websites by far, and it would sadden me deeply to see it die. No site is rescission proof, keep your head up and take a break. There is plenty staff here to carry on the legacy of 1emulation while you are away. Take care my friend and remember you always have a friend here. After all you made me my own shirt! hehe

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