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I donīt understand one thing..

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Iīm new in the forum and Iīd like to ask u something... Why is so difficult to develop a Dreamcast emulator for windows?... unlike the other consoles that are emulated very well on the PC and have "thousands" of emulators... Playstation have Bleem and others, N64 have Ultra hle and Pj64 and much more... All they run almost perfectly in a decent pc. and for the other minor consoles like atari etc... But for the DC... Why is taking so long for an emulator to "appear". In the internet, we only find fakes, fakes, and more fakes... The only decent emulator that there are rumors that will be out is Icarus but exactly thus he does not pass of rumors... but with that emulator, for example I with a P4 3ghz FSB 800, GeForce FX5900 and with 512 DDr 400 will only be able to run the worse games the 15 frames for second.... I do not understand, the DC has a processor 200mhz, 12 mb of ram and a graphical processor that is nothing compared with the last graphic cards... :lol: Why?




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im guessing the cpu sppeed and quality of the games.

a lot of the games on DC r like modern games recreated today :lol:

ask dreamcastlover :(



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Well.. this has always been a problem. I can't run GBA games on a P3 450mhz system and I should be able to. The thing is, it's impossible to emulate things perfectly, and it's 10x harder making it super fast. As for the Icarus emulator, we talked about it @ this link. Even PSX emulation has problems, the only reason why we can get it full speed is because of the amount of years it's been out. It's been out since 1996 or 1995, I believe. :lol:



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Emulation doesn't just "happen" for one thing.
Secondly, since the Saturn, Sega has been known for creating hardware that is just too hard to develop for (It's complicated and a bit more advanced than where it technically should be)
The Dreamcast for one, uses Hitachi SH4 CPU and inline graphics processing on a custom video chipset........etc etc
And the Saturn is taking even longer to properly emulated because it runs 8 (Yes 8!) inline processors.

This results in hardware that is harder to emulate than most relatively simple hardware configurations.
That and comparing the console's specs to your PC has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what kinda PC should be able to emulate it.
Thats like comparing apples and oranges............

I think you can get the idea, no?



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How about you start working on an emulator for the community. Then you can prove to everyone how easy it is to make an emulator that can "emulate" a system perfectly. :angel:

:) :n64: :psx: :xbox: :D

Best of luck to you.

P.S. I'd choose to start work on the X-Box emulator...after all it runs an nvidia graphics card and the system is basically a computer itself. Should be simple for a strapping young lad such as



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There already is a working Xbox emulator. It runs Halo, not well, but it runs it. I think it's more of a convertor than an emulator though because as you say, the Xbox is basically a PC.

I can't remember the name of the emu. I read about it at another emulation site. Ngemu I think maybe.



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yeah pretty cool i heard that too

XBOX is still only like...what 700 maybe 800 MHz? i dont remember but you still probably need like a 2.7GHz computer AT LEAST to play it

The games are just coded different and its hard to decode and play at the same time for your PC

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