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Spyware...Uh huh "7400+ Objects Detected"

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Wow that was alot of stuff. First of all, I havnt formated...never have. Second, Im not totally sure what formating is and how to do it. Third, I've never made back up disks so I dont know how or what to back up. Lastly, I have AOL, Dial-Up, Norton Internet Security 2005, Ad-Ware Personal, AOL Spyware Protection, Windows Firewall, Norton Firewall, *AOL Firewall*, I dont use IE, I never go to IE, whats Sandboxing and that other thing, and yeah...all those things/ recommendations, I'll have to look into that. You see, this is really my parents comp but they dont know jack and are prolly the once causing all these problmms. Especially my dad, he's probably using IE himself and visiting porn sites and whatnot. And what's the deal with this weather bug he's installed. I think it uses IE...does it? Oh, someone has helped me out with this before kinda, but like, he said, I'll have to take note on all the programs that might now run properly if and when I uninstall SP2, but there was too many. Anyway it's for these msges I've been getting saying that my comp cant find this one thing for this one place in this dynamil link library deal of jiger.

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Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL files) have been corrupted or deleted, so programs that use those particular DLLs start bitching because they can't find what they are looking for


btw, how does one format an XP machine nowadays? I doubt it's still FORMAT C:


or is it?

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You can't format the drive that the operating system is on from the operating system. You need to make a boodisk and do the old school "format c:"

yeah, i figured as much, just needed confirmation since I've never formatted an XP machine.

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xp is super easy to reformat, i have dont it at least 4-5 times, all just the regular 6 month maintence or if i have downloaded excessive (150gb) of crap.


just hit F8 or F12 at bootup screen change the start up options (from 3.5 floppy to cd) put in the reinstall xp disk and it loads up, find reformat and 40 min later your done.


hopefully thats what you were asking, if you need it in more detail just let me know.




actually you prolly ment formating the whole thing huh, and starting from scratch?

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