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[PS2] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For $29.99!


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Green_LAntern Posted Today, 09:24 PM

  QUOTE(KyokugenKiss @ Oct 24 2004, 09:04 PM)

i hate rebates i wanna save my money now!






i agree


meh... don't look a gift horse in the mouth. :naughty: a deal is a deal.

I was never a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto but if i get a chance i might pick this up - i really should be studying physics though... :blink:

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Now that we are/were talking about cheating in games...


I used to do that all the time, until 5 or so years ago. I mean I never played an FPS without God mode and all the weapons. I would get a gay load of money at the beginning of every session of SimCity 3000...


Then I decided to stop, and quite frankly I enjoy playing games "the natural way" better.

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i use cheats after i beat the game the first time but for GTA i use it when it's getting hard but i would never use cheat right at the beginning

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