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Installing XP SP1 with a "not so legal" copy of XP


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Well I figured I should simply throw the "easy" way to change you're XP CD key up.

Seeing as those of you out there who got their hands on XP early, with keys that were conjured up by the Warez kiddies out there that SP1 won't allow, want to install SP1.

*Points at himself* That includes me! :thumbsu:


First you're going to get you a keygen or a list of keys. And none of the keys can start with FCKGW (Dems the keys that wont work, and probably the key you are using if you can't install SP1).

Ok now that you got yourself the aforementioned, here is the process to change you're XP CD key the "EASY" way.


1: Click on the Start Menu and select "Run"


2: Type in REGEDIT to bring up the Windows Registry Editor


3: Locate the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents


4: Right click on the key "OOBETimer" and select modify


5: Modify anything in that key and hit ok (Doesn't matter what you modify, just change something)


6: Close REGEDIT


7: Click on the Start Menu and select "RUN"


8: Type in %systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a


9: Select "Telephone......." and click NEXT


10: Click on "Change CD key"


11: Enter you're new CD key, if it doesn't work try another until you are succesful.


12: Go install XP SP1!


(This information is actually made available by Microsoft themselves, but I don't remember exactly where I found it. So I kept it for myself to share with you)


I'd give you the "If you like this software then buy it", but this is Microsoft.

I already paid for all their previous crappy BSOD Operating Systems.


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i have a [hem] not so ligite copy of xp

i have known people to have owned dodgy copies of xp to suffer from wierd system crashes, that i get now and then.

noteablie online when just browseing about.

any one else know of this?

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