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Hi guys


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Im back!

I decided not to do a website cause its too hard

So im just sharing like heck


Heres a list of Stuff i use for psx


Direct connect (psxtrading.dynip.com)

Icq (178145634)


I have 46 psx games and still getting more


(the dc hub is my hub and im trying to get it to grow!)

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i decided to make a site also and i know it is kind of hard but i will overcome it as i really want to make it badly

yeah i never give up


Hey dude I am intrested to be the first member there other then you, because knowing you your site will be rather intresting, can you post some more info like confirmed stuff your gonna have, and you plan to do on your forums.

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i am planning to make a snes rpg rom site, i was interested in making a general emualtion site but as i have no experience nor money to pay the hosting i won´t be doing it for now, as for making a forum, maybe, but in the future i first have to make the site and people have to visit it

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