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Seven Die in 'Internet Suicide' Pact


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From what little I know of Japanese culture, I'm not surprised something like this has happened. There's an immense pressure on people to succeed....and for some I guess it was easier to take their lives.

There have been quite a number of debates, polls, documentaries and whatnot regarding this cultural "issue". All of this in japan alone. Koizumi (the prime minister) has tackled this before, but old habits are hard to break. The pressure to succeed in like is so deeply interwoven into their culture, that it's an disgrace to the family and the student if he/she doesn't get into a university.

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thats kinda weird... did anyone ever watch Paranoia Agent? its an anime with a very weird story. Anyways one of the episodes completely goes away from he main plot and is about these 3 people who wana do what those people did. They met on a message board and such. Anyways sounds almost like it yet they failed to pull it off and ended up giving up on dieing. Anyways just thought it was kinda weird... specialy after watching that episode :peopleseybrow:

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