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What is your favorite internet phenomenon?


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Here goes...




All Your Base Are Belong To Us (The set us up the bomb)

Demented Cartoon Movie

Drum Machine (for those who don't know, search ABS)

The 'What The *' cult that still goes strong. :(

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umm, i think hentai websites

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lol i automatically thought me ment just flash because im so into that stuff.


I think www.realultimatepower.net deserves mention, same with maddox.xmission.com


God, i know of so many things i could write but im too lazy. i should just copy and paste my history or something.

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Bad dudes had similar quotes and it was just as funny, but 'all your base are belong to us' came from Zero Wing.


'President Ronnie has been kidnapped by terrorists. Are you bad enough dude to save Ronnie?' Is one of those memorable lines from Bad Dudes.

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