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what did santa get you


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well i had a fairly poor sack [hehe]

all i got was a cd re writer a pair of socks with little football blokes on em.

loades of cds to write on.

a lynx smelly set[shower gell and pit spray]

and about £30.

So whut did you get?

oh i also got spriggan a dvd anime the sob,s it had taken them 3 week to mail it.

whut you got ? :x

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As far as games go, i got Dracula X on saturn, a 4mb/actionreply/import conerter cart for saturn and PS2 Silpheed.


Got £200, clothes, cosmetics, Back to the future triology DVD n stuff.


Spoilt bastard.


i see we both have the same taste in movies. :D i got :


back to the future trilogy on dvd

star wars episode 2 on dvd

nightmare before christmas on dvd

dvd/vhs player combo (i was totally shocked by this one) :x

a groovy lava lamp :D


now with the money i got from my relatives and some i saved up, im now out to get a gamecube along with a buncha games, like :


star wars rogue squadron 2 rogue leader

resident evil zero

super mario sunshine (you gotta get 'ol mario) :D

star wars bounty hunter

star wars the clone wars (as you can see im a HUGE sw fan) :)


well, thats about it. id say im a happy camper this year. :?

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