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what is up with my system speed


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Well, since this is PC technical help and all you guys are good with computers and such with the video cards and bottlenecking and all that shi*


well anyways here is my problem, okay when i first turn on my system and it boots up and stuff and loads windows xp pro and all that. I right click on MY COMPUTER and click on properties to peep the system speed and stuff. But when i right click and read the proccessor speed it says 1.35 Ghz and my processor is the AMD athlon xp 2200 and it is supposed to be 1.80 Ghz...


BUTT, peep this girls.


When i RESTART my system and it loads back to windows and i right click my computer it finally says 1.80Ghz so it's like goddamn wtf...


so now what i need from you guyz is, how the hell can i fix this problem i mean seriously i don't like fukin STARTING up my computer waiting for it to load, THEN restart it again so it can run at the full speed. it gets annoying after a while....


so yeah, whats the flocking problem here and yeah help



- thanks :):banghead:

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Happens to me too sometimes. I remember one time my P4 somehow clocked it self to 4 Ghz for 30 seconds, then down to 3.06, then 2.8 then back to 1.3 Ghz.


Greatest day of my life.

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Does this happen EVERY time? That happens to me when I shut my computer off improperly and my motherboard sets itself to fail-safe settings which is like 1400 mhz and then I have to restart.

yap, everytime i turn it on i have to restart so it will run at the normal speed



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check your voltages in your BIOS if that restarting doesnt help, or maybe your system got a dose of bad voltage :lol:

umm check my voltage in my bios??


bad voltage??


what exactly are you talking about? :naughty:

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Set your multipliers by the jumpers on the board! Don't go with that Jumper-less settings in the bios crap, no matter how easy it is. Annoying things like this can happen.



huh wha huh??


how do i do this?

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Do you know what motherboard you have?

yes sir, i have the booklet for this thing in my powder room.


it's a


"ASUS A7N266-VM"



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