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Can't FTP to my box


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I think you'd get responses that are more suited to your situation if you used the correct terminology. A wire is not a router. A router moves packets of data between different networks. For your post to get to this forum, it likely had to go through about a dozen routers. Switches and hubs move data within the same network. They do work in very different ways, but that's not important to this conversation.


A wire is just a wire. The only difference between a crossover and a straight-through cable is that, on the straight-through, pin 1 on one end of the cable goes to pin 1 on the other end, pin 2 goes to pin 2, etc, up to pin 8. On a crossover, the wires are crossed so that pin 1 goes to pin 3 and pin 2 goes to pin 6, while the other wires remain the same.


You could snip the RJ-45 connector off the end of your cable and cross the wires, but then you'd need another connector, plus a crimping tool to put it on. That would cost more than just buying a new crossover cable, which is why everyone is telling you to just do that.

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I guess U have a free 10/100 NIC to connect Ur RJ45 Crossover cable to Ur X-Box.


Check U've done the following steps :


* On PC, enter Ur X-Box ip in Ur FTP client (SmartFTP), port 21, user name U have, password U have in Ur X-box (most of time : xbox).


always on PC, in Ur Network properties, enter "Ur PC ip", "Subnetmask :", "Default Gateway : enter Ur X-Box ip".



* On Ur X-Box in "Settings", or in editing Ur evox.ini, enable "Setup Network : Yes", "Use Static Ip : Yes", check Ur X-Box ip & enter "Subnetmask :" & "Default Gateway : enter Ur PC ip".



Now, U can FTP to Ur X-Box if a dash is already installed (in Ur case : EvoX).

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OK... what dashboard are you using? You need to make sure that your XBox and your PC are on the same network. For example, my XBox IP is and the NIC in my PC that it is connected to is In my Evox settings my gateway is set to my PC's NIC IP ( and my subnet mask is

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