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Can't FTP to my box


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I got a RJ45 cable, and connected it to my PC in the port near the USB's and to my XBox in the systemlink port. I downloaded via torrent the Evolution X 2.5 auto installer, burned the ISO, and puted the disc in my box. When I started the XBox, There was no connection. The IP field was blank, and in the setting - no link.

I have a "Evox M7" mod chip, and I am using SmartFTP.


What can I do?

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i dont know if you can use a system link cable to ftp into your xbox, that is what it is right? you might wanna try a cat5 cabel

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What flahsing the xbox mean?

I read in the program it can ruin my box.

To flash Ur modchip with another bios. Indeed, to install another bios.

U needn't to do it if U already have a modded X-Box (Ur X-Box already boots on another bios than the original) & if U don't exactly know what U 're doing.

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U can FTP to Ur X-Box with Ur PC :


U need 1 free 10/100 NIC + 1 RJ45 Crossover cable.


On PC, enter Ur X-Box ip in Ur FTP client (SmartFTP), port 21, user name U have, password U have in Ur X-box (most of time : xbox).


always on PC, in Ur Network properties, enter "Ur PC ip", "Subnetmask :", "Default Gateway : enter Ur X-Box ip".



On Ur X-Box in "Settings", or in editing Ur evox.ini, enable "Setup Network : Yes", "Use Static Ip : Yes", & enter "Subnetmask :" & "Default Gateway : enter Ur PC ip".



Now, U can FTP to Ur X-Box if a dash is already installed (in Ur case : EvoX).

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U needn't a Crossover if U use a Hub/switch or a router.


Check the 2 pics below :


Using a Hub/Switch :



1. The first step is to make sure you PC has a static internal IP address. Go into your NIC's TCP/IP Properties, and check off "Use the Following IP address:". Next, where it says IP address, enter: Where it says Subnet Mask, enter: Click on Ok, and exit.


2. If you have loaded the EvolutionX dashboard onto your Xbox, and you want to assign your Xbox a Static IP, go into Network, and under Static IP, enter: 192.168.0.x (where x is a number from 2 - 255). For the Default Gateway, enter:


3. If, however, you are using ICS or Winroute on your main PC, you already have a DHCP server, and it really isn't necessary to load the EvolutionX dashboard onto your Xbox HDD So in this case, the IP assigned to the Xbox by the DHCP server (on your computer) will be done automatically each time the Xbox is turned on. In other words, the Xbox will be assigned a dynamic IP, which will be different each time the Xbox is turned on. The only way to have a static IP on the Xbox is to follow step 2.







Using a Router



If you are using a router, such as a Linksys BEFSR41, it is already acting as a DHCP server. So it will automatically assign your Xbox a dynamic IP address.

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