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Universe Bios 2.0 released


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Direct quote from Razoola:





This release will totally reset the MVS backup memory. This means UNIVERSE BIOS settings, SoftDIPs, and game settings will be lost. This will also happen when upgrading from a previous version. You will need to enter initial soft dip settings again. Multislot users will need to set the 'game select' softDIP to free if you wish to allow game swapping before entering credits. Regions stored on memory cards (AES users) will also be lost until set up again but saved game data will not be lost.

Samurai Shodown 5 Special related stuff.

Removed the protection stoping the game from running in Arcade mode on AES hardware.

Added a cheat to unlock fatalities which were censored out of the AES original cart.

Added a cheat to fix the round win sounds that were broke in the AES original cart.

Added some game cheats to the database for the game.

Added CRC info into the CRC database (for the original AES cart only so far).

Fixed the NeoGeo logo in the splash screen when this game used (it was not centered).

Fixed sound in the Jukebox if accessed from system power on.


Added code to fully reset backup RAM when a MVS system is run for the first time with the UNIVERSE BIOS installed. This is to ensure correct SoftDIP compatability is maintained.

Added A new Patch Memory option to the In game menu.

Exiting the In game menu is now done by pressing button C.

Added a reboot option from the exception error screen.

Improved the splash screen (this could still be subject to change).

Improved the multislot only game selecting screen (shows before jukebox and CRC check).

Improved the Jukebox sound initilize routine. This results in the 'error starting sound' error showing less when entering the jukebox, espicially with some older games.

Disabling the startup hardware test now also skips the callender test.

You will now see a Blue sreen on AES hardware if you power on the unit with no game in.

Removed the 'game select' softdip remembering code added in v1.3 because it never worked.


Fixed an Addres Error that only affected SLOT2 hardware happening after the unibios splash screen if the 'bootup HW test' was disabled from the unibios general settings.

Fixed the force AES option (shows when system has a hardware fault) so it now sets up a default Region of 'Europe', mode of 'Console' and also sets up the default soft dips.

Fixed the rogue green pixel strips that appeared on screen momentarily during the fade in and out of the splash screen (mainly visable on AES hardware only).

Fixed the rogue pixel strips that could sometimes appear on screen momentarily during entering and exiting the in game menu (this problem only happened sometimes).

Fixed a small issue that could make some softdips become messed on multislot hardware for games not in slot1 (mslug3 and kof2001 for example).

Fixed a possible language soft dip display issue with Rage of the Dragons.

Fixed an issue that affected soft dips in 'Street Hoop' when in Japan region. While its not perfect its still far better than it was (dips are now correctly named).

Fixed an issue that affected soft dips in 'Samurai Shodown 4' & 'Samurai Shodown 5' when in Japan region (in relation to the blood setting). While not perfect you can now turn on Blood far easier than before.

Fixed a issue that caused WindJammers to crash after the bonus bowling level.

Fixed the MVS version of kof2001 to romove the small green line that appeared across the screen in console mode, problem produced from the menu color fixes added in v1.3.

Fixed the MVS version of kof2003 so that when in the cheat database the ammount of cheats is now displayed instead of a blank space.

Cheats and CRC

Added cheat to enable '4way battle mode' in Kizuna Encounter.

Added a cheat to play as Zankuro in samurai shodown 3.

Fixed Rage of the Dragons 1up infinite energy cheat from locking up the game at the end of a round if game timer runs down to zero.

Added a cheat to force Japanese language in kof2003 as there is a problem with the game not setting a Japan language on multislot hardware when in Japan region.

Added crc for a new found 2020 super baseball version.

Grab it from the site

Now all we need is SSVS.......

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kick aSSSS



samshoVs should be out now....just a matter of tracking it down cause it was obviously used in development of this new bios


:D  :D  :D

Well actually someone sent him their Neo-Geo console along with the AES Cartridge (home cart) of SSVS to Razoola.


Thats how he figured it all out.

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working fine on FBA, though i found a bug that crash loops Garou in "How-To-Play" (in AES mode - this was also present in Uni-BIOS 1.3 in FBA). im just not sure if Raz accepts bugs reports found from emulators or if this bug just exists in FBA.

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