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Strangers' AOL Messenger account

Should I delete their stuff?  

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The last few times I've deleted someone's stuff, I've felt a tinge of guilt, especially with this one chick a few weeks back. From my crude estimate, she must have had at least over 100+ buddies on her list, and it was just "delete delete delete." Who the hell has that kind of time!! By the way, after digging around their Netscape account (stupid how they have a "one password" all access setup) I found the person's university email and decided to look them up. To my surprise, it was actually a guy!! heheheh...his sn was rosebud.....hmmmmmmmmm


In any case this pool has inspired me to continue on my unholy crusade to punish the mentally incompetent. From this day forward, I pledge that whenever I find an AOL or Yahoo account logged on in ANY lab, I'll make a poll and let the great members at 1emulation, the best emulation board on the web, to decide!!!

But you already made a poll... :rolleyes:


And we've already decided, too! :happy:



(Oh, spank me!)

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Just think of how you would feel if you forgot to log of..



Well, if I forgot to log off then that would be my stupid mistake, and deserve the reprecussions. With that said it looks like our members have voiced their choice and in a close (as of this post) 5-4 vote, someone's gonna have their stuff deleted.

Thanks for helping me decide. I know you guys would not disappoint!!!

Now just make sure that person doen't figure out who deleted all their stuff and start stalking you or something.


Remember, payback is a Bi@#*(@!tch :)

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Sorry for taking the unpopular route here, but no real good can come of such wanton reprisal in the long run. It may feel like justice for a moment, but you're hurting at least one person (if not their friends) and you're not really helping anyone anymore than you would with a "Hey, you shouldn't do that again 'cause someone could screw up your stuff."


It's just bad karma dude.

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Sorry for taking the unpopular route here, but no real good can come of such wanton reprisal in the long run.



No need to feel sorry about it. Just because a decision's popular doesn't make it the right choice. That's the point of all this....it's amusing and is good practices for excercising our democratic ideal of popular sovereignty and majority consensus. When the next poll appears, you can rally together "non-delete" supporters and lobby against your opponents.....just like in Washington!!!

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Atleast change their profiles to say mean and disgusting things.


I like that idea the best. Just put a bunch of crude stuff in the profile and maybe include a note (in their profile) that this is what happens when you leave you account logged on in a computer lab. This way they will hopefully learn their lesson and you won't feel any guilt over deleting their stuff.

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Oh I don't feel guilty by a long shot...just saddended that people waste a lot of time, and have reduced to conversing on a screen instead of face to face....

So the conquest goes on.....expect another poll very soon, cuz there is no end to the people's incompetence in this univeristy lab....gahahahhhah!!!

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