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Omg Teh Crimson Room Suxxors!

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Yes, the game is frustrating. But after a 2 weeks, i finally beat it. NO I WILL NOT PLAY IT AGAIN.

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Well, you have to watch all of it again.

Remind me of Cominus Spiderman's sig :lol:

Reminds me of a guy on crack.


Anyway, this is driving me insane. What's the stupid code now?


EDIT: I visited the website on that page, it says my version was pirated, and wouldn't give me the clue...

Get off my queer spidey for the superhero guy! B)

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Oh God This Game Is Hard, How Do You Get Past The First Room? I Am Retarded Aren't I?

Only in the fact that that's the only room. It wasn't called "Crimson Room" for nothing. But the whole time I played, I was working on it with someone else. So I'm not one to talk.

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