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EmuChina's Public Download Section is Back Up!


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gr8 now how can i register and get my own username, i am just curious as i never found out


the only registering i know of is for their ftp. you have to pay money though. :P if there is a way to register for their downloads for free, I SURE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! :D

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does anyone know if you can use a download manager like flashget or something else in the download section of emuchina? i know it says that you can only use internet explorer, but i was wondering if it worked with anything else? i wish to be able to schedule my downloads so i can go do other things instead of having to sit infront of my pc forever. does anyone know that could tell me before i have to go and download every dm to see if one works? :)

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now see it did pay off useing this avator after all


LOL, Yes! i see now, you are the member collecter for us eh?!!?


LOL, well I just taught that Chaos Miskie forums is outstanding, and is my favorite forum period, and then I saw gamecops forum which is a really freakin close second, and I said maybe we could have members going both places if they wanted which would help both forums, and about 2 weeks or so after I used this avator gamecop himself became a member to the chaos family, and soon after both forums became partners of sorts :wink:.

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