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Emulforums SNES Tourney?

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I S S deluxe the only problem with that is a new player after a few games can give an exsperianced palyer a real hard time it was a vast improvement however.

Dam im missing the snes stuff im going to get on the case after i have finnished here and ketcheup with the classics, did you know there was a rom called mario excite bike?

It never got finnished but was playabile?

Any one know owt about it?

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Lets organize a tournament for an SNES game.

We could set it up on here, listing matches and having someone in charge post results.

We need a game though.

I think we could start off with something like Super Mario Kart, in 2 player heats, on ZSnes. (We could always hold a second one with another game after)


What do you think?



how about Bomberman.. 4 players.. everybody needs to have the same rom n emu version of zsnes to run...

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