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Emulforums SNES Tourney?

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Lets organize a tournament for an SNES game.

We could set it up on here, listing matches and having someone in charge post results.

We need a game though.

I think we could start off with something like Super Mario Kart, in 2 player heats, on ZSnes. (We could always hold a second one with another game after)


What do you think?

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I would be destroyed!

I have heard those with adsl/cable have a large advantage over dial up peeps?

i would be intrested though just so you could beat me good. :screwy:


The game is run on a P2P architecture.

Which means if one lags, the other does too.

I play all the time with my buddy who is on 56k (And he only connects at 28800bps) and it rarely lags.

So that covers the issue of someone having an advantage.

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mario kart sounds good.

Also i would like to beat you all[ yes beat im very confedent] at the origanol international super star soccer on the snes]

He he.

Not yet though bud but i will get it together with you if da wants a game sounds good to me.

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im all for it. :D i actually posted something like this a looooong time ago in the ideas forum, but no one responded. anyway, i would rock da house! :screwy::lol:

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I was thinking of it being an 8 player tourney. So we need 8 ppl, and have em get on a chatroom in AIM.

All matches don't need to be played in one day. So best times could be arranged for everyone.


I think I'll put myself in charge since twas my idea. lol

Here's how it'll go.


Gotta edit and show you a txt file (It wont appear on here correctly)



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i thought i responded to your post ME but i am all for a tourney i have been waiting for soem one else to get in on it too when will we do it i think turkey day would rock give us something to do after we eat and watch football lol so many snes games to play we will be busy for awhile

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