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Dreamcast Downloadable Games?

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Alright guys, Have any of you actually sat down to play Power Stone 2? If so, did you guys get all the items? I'm having real trouble just playing through it to get it, and I've tried the code that i've looked up online


"Before the Powerstone 2 logo press: Start x, y, x, y, Start, x, x, Start"


I think it's nearly impossible to do this code and get all these items. Someone must've done it. Tell me how!!! :'(

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- Install it.

- Open it.

- Go to File -> Settings if the setup screen doesn't automatically come up.

- In General, type in a username, choose your connection type, and if you know your IP and are not behind a router choose Active and put your IP in the space provided. Description and email isn't necessary.

- Then you should see Sharing on the left side of the screen, go to it. Add folders till you share atleast 5 gigs of stuff which includes atleast 100 mbs of ROMs and/or ISOs. And then on the same screen, look down a bit and allow 5 upload slots.

- Close the settings window.

- You should see the left most button which is a monitor with wire coming out of it. Click it. It will take you to the connect to hub screen. Look where it says Manual Connect Address. In there you type the hub name you wish to join (you shouldn't join more than 5 hubs otherwise crap can get slow).


Here are some good hubs:







The last two hubs aren't as big as the top three but they are still good.


- If you can get into a hub but when you try to download something and it doesn't work, go back to the settings screen and change the connection type from Active to Passive.


Hope that helps.

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Hmmm.....I have problem finding CVS2, SF3 and MVC2 for DC.

Any other good sites? Gryph, I can't enter a single link that you give becos I only have 2.5G to share :ph34r:(( Unless, I copy every scanned comics, MP3 and Movies that I have in CD into my hd. :lol:

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