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Dreamcast Downloadable Games?

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And whenever the Hand-Held Heaven (devious.sytes.net) hub is revamped to be a Sega hub, you'll find stuff there hopefully.

Bit late but thanks for the mention G :))


Currently running at around 50 users !!


btw recently I have been searching for saturn/dc isos for myself and found IRC, Bit Torrent and Usenet to be very useful as well as Direct Connect. So I put together some small guides for them in my hub..


Welcome as always ;)


ps to AndymaN and LSD, Ive gotten 25+ DC isos in the last 3 days from all of the above sources combined, incl mvc2, sfa3, sf3 Double Impact, cvsnk, and loads more besides. If u can get up and running on DC++ then drop into my hub ( devious.sytes.net ) and I can help u get want u need :).... well to a degree <^.^>

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