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Chankast Alpha 0.2a Released!


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This is more of a bug fix release, get it at the link below.


Bugs fixed:


- vga/ntsc bug fixed

- control pad fixed

- Fixed a bug in the video renderer that was causing some game to crash




If a game doesn't work, try old_gfx, it's less accurate, but faster.

Echelon intros cause some games not working and read the manual in the help tab.


»» http://www.chanka.org


PS: Were still working on Chankast Utilities with now this release. Expect it to be released tonight.

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It´s working right now. This 0.2 version works like a charm, very good FPS and not a single crash till now but one.


Has anyone tried "Evolution" or "Skies of Arcadia" with this version?

The SoA version I have by ECHELON just stop in the into :)


and one more thing, what about the VMS? I have the "vms.bin" in the Chakast folder but it always says there is no VMS detected or no free space.


Please help

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Format the VMU unit from the Bios to get it to work. It seems you can't import your old VMS.bin from the last version.

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Try going to the chanka website, going to the chankast section, and clicking downloads. :P

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