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  1. Hmm. Preloading? I don't really keep up with next-gen emulation since my PC can't really handle it.
  2. Now, I know there are several things to convert movies, audio, images, etc., so that they can be viewed via PSP... But what I want to know is if there are any programs that can read and convert movie, image, or audio files from PSP games into standard computer formats. Like PSXMC for PSX games. I'm sure I'd have found one by now if it did exist, but I figured I'd ask.
  3. Just a quick question. I'd heard that the Chankast team was going to start working on Naomi emulation, now that DC emulation was cracked... but I haven't heard any news at all. Any word?
  4. It wasn't. They filled Chapter 11 to protect their assets. If they come back, and still have it up with Sammy, they'll do the distributing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, thanks. But... no big deal to me. All Majesco really did, as far as GG goes, is localize #R for the X-Box. Since Sammy is now Sega, I have a fair amount of faith that they'll port the good stuff, and if Arcsy is still developing Judgment and DS, even if Majesco is gone, I'm sure they'll eventually get released in Japan by Sega, and it might get ported over by them, also. Not that DS looks good anyway, but Judgment would be n
  5. #RPSP and Judgment are two completely different games, despite IGN's comments. The official #RPSP website has not mention of any of Judgment's features, and viceversa with Majesco's official press data sheet. #RPSP is practically a direct port. It has two screen modes; Original and Widescreen. In Widescreen mode, the game is zoomed out so that you can see more screen area, and in original mode, it's at the same resolution as the original, but it takes up almost all of the screen. It's also got the WiFi mode, where you can also wait in a queue of sorts for challengers. Also, didn't the Maje
  6. ^Osman/Cannon-Dancer was designed by the same guy who originally designed Strider, hence the similarities. It's even often called "Strider 1.5" by Japanese gamers. As a huge Strider Hiryu fan, I've been waiting YEARS for this to get playable, so HELL YES!
  7. I meant to say the "rest of the decrypted roms", or something like that. Just wasn't paying a lot of attention. I think it's only the m1d (CRC: 74F37225) and v1d (CRC: E3AA568E) that are missing now, right?
  8. I've got the encrypted m1 rom now, and the fixed s1 rom to correct the options... just gotta wait for the decrypted m1 and it should be pretty much fully enjoyable.
  9. "Without America, their would be no pollution." Yeah, and without Spain, America would never have been discovered, so go biatch at them for a while. I'm sick and tired of people trying to make ME feel guilty and telling ME I'm responsible for what some flocked up nutjob tens of thousands of miles away did just because I'm an American. "Yeah, yeah, bash America. Everyone is doing it, it's the latest craze. Nevermind our own faults and follies, we'll just blame the US." Hypocrits, all of you. Get off your moral high horses. Canadians and Australians have commited and still commit their own
  10. I've read that it needs to be mounted to a virtual drive, and then after beginning auto install, it may take 10-15 minutes to actually begin.
  11. Indeed it does. My friend is getting it right now, he's gonna send it to me when it's done.
  12. I think that's the number one reason why most people will get it.
  13. It's Japanese only, by the way. In case your local shops don't sell imports. ^^;
  14. I found a dead torrent for it just a few minutes ago. Apparantly, that one had to be mounted to a virtual drive so it would auto-start it's installation. If I find anything I'll let you guys know.
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