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Mameox With Banned Rom Support


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i got the 128 meg upgrade and now i would like to include all the newer roms in mameox so i can just use mameox for all my neogeo stuff...would this be difficult?


i dont think any cps1,cps2,neogeo games would have a problem running in a 128 meg mameox

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Your both bastards. Where do you get these 128mb upgrades? And what type of ram chip it uses?

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you are the crap man!!!!!!




you have to get this mameox posted somewhere...



i neeeeds it!!!!! :lol:

No, cuz I dislike MAMEoX GUI & there 'R 4953 romsets in Mame 0.83.


So => Has any1 tried Daraku Tenchi with 128 Mb RAM ?

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well mame is one of those emus that barely get updated for xbox and now since we know vmm is a hard thing to add theres a fat chance of seeing new updates for a while


i've been second guessing the memory update for a while now and i read that some shooters still don't work right even with 128mb

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