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EmulForums is now the "Ultimate Emulation Forum"!


Do you think EmulForums has became extremely better in the last month??  

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I got to admit. We now have a section for everything on emulation!


Future Emulation


Mugen Emulation


Vintage Emulation


General Console Emulation


General Arcade Emulation


FTP's & Weblinks


Rom Requesting


Current Affairs


Emul Softwares


( :regurg: ) Did I miss anything...


We even now have 144 members, last time I checked.


And a wopping total of 1921 articles.


Keep the posting going...


While I make the new site design too.. which will be done soon. :wink:

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Hell yessa.

Everything is covered for forums (At least it appears to be, emulation is HUGE)

And things look to have picked up since I first got here when it comes to quality posts/helping other members. (I can't say I've seen any spam either......well cept for a post from myself and Baseley09 that got a bit sidetracked lol)


Great job Gamecop, and everyone contributing!

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Yeah plus everyone got their signature pictures working!


Which I didn't know you can do, since I disabled HTML.


:regurg:  :wink:


I used BB code to put mine in. I never use HTML in my posts, its too much of a cause of trouble to have HTML enabled. Users can corrupt pages.

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I myself am still suprised today that this site has so many members and is constantly updated.


Believe it or not, I had no idea what I was in for.


But I am so happy, that I made a website that actually has members!


Thank You everyone.

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Well, the site is actually the point of attracting people to the forum, once the new layout of the site is done, just cant't wait to see new members blooming here just to give feedbacks and stuff :regurg:

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