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Shadow Of The Beast

Which Beast was best?  

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Well, which Beast did you like best?


For me, it is hard to decide, but I think I liked the first one the best. It had gorgeous graphics and parallax scrolling, the intro was awesome, and the main sprite was cool. It was hard to play, but still playable.


Beast II was great, but the parallax scrolling was gone. :lol: It was also extremely difficult.


Beast III was really great too, probably the best in terms of playability. But I don't like the central sprite - he looks like an Indiana Jones rip off to me, and it always puts me off an otherwise great game.


All games have great soundtracks too. :D

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Yes, there was a third one. It was a great game, and, by some reviews, it fixed the problems of the earlier Beast games (ie: very had difficulty!) But I thought 1 was better. Beast 3 was still a beautiful game, with gorgeous sonics, music and graphics, as were much of Psygnosis' games, however. I know it was released on the Amiga, but I don't know if it was released on anything else. Try it on WinUAE, if you like.

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Well, well.........


SOTB is the pinnacle IMO of 16bit graphics, clearly there are better for different reasons, but this just is so amazing.........but even i a die hard must admit the Amiga version control is suck.


......while id still say the Amiga version is the best SOTB period, the Pc Engine & both Megadrive versions offer much more playability (read : easier)


SOTB3 is prabably the best *game* to play, but hasnt the original factor.


SOTB2 last, great as hell for sure, amazing Amiga death sequence synth guitar, but worst SOTB game imo.


EDIT: How could i forget music...hmm....SOTB1 Amiga version easily...besy music ever...maybe.

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