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Test Radio Station


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Heh, with the Radio Station topic comin up i thought id try to get a test station goin just to test out levels, etc. Probably wont be up much longer i just wanted some quick feedback.


My roommate is asleep so i thought id use his machine as the "server" lol


shhhhh dont say nothin.


Basically all we would need to do is load the server-side app on the host and the dj's would get the password to login to it and start playin their music.


so the host handles the bandwidth essentially and the dj plays the music does the talkin etc.




check it out

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lol, picky bastard.......its from a cable modem.......lol


if the host was a faster line then YES, quality would be much better.....


but aslo if you hear it scratchy, etc thats all me and the levels ive got it set to. Im still learnin this crap.



piss off

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sheeesh, it was just a question, I didn't go over there with an m16 to say "better damnit"...I was just asking



damn, and I even said it was good too, but noooooooooooooooooo....you have to go and insult me

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Ok, just to save on bandwidth, you should make it between 49 and 70kbps. Less if you want to more people.

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yeah the lower the bitrate the more listeners. Im really just testing out levels and trying to figure out optimum settings from the DJ side so that the audio output is fine (music/mic) etc


i dont intend on hosting radioshows through this server....lol

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Theres a lot to fine-tune with the levels, etc when streaming a radioshow. RIght now when i try to listen in i hear the levels are way too high. At the same time i want to hear it on my end while im playin so i know whats goin on.......but its an odd thing.

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*looks at K'Dash's musik list*.....I have a lot more Rammstein if you want it..



do you like KMFDM?

a rar file would help :unsure:


Yes, I do like KMFDM, but I haven't been able to find any torrents.

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