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What's So Bad About Going Off-topic?

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When a user starts a topic, he usualy want information about something. If you go off-topic, you make it hard for him to find the info he was seeking between all the off-topic posts. It's not very nice you know.

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Every topic goes off-topic sooner or later. On axl's case, he went off by 100 miles or more and his initial question was in the wrong forum to begin with. Therefore, GC's reply was more than justified.

I wasn't actually talking about any specific topic, I don't think I've seen the topic of which you speak there, and if I was thinking specifics it was more to do with the infamous Street Fighter III thread, which has been "off-topic" for a while, but no-one seems to have cared until now.

I'm sorry. I didn't realise going off-topic was so problematic - I must try to stick to the topic more nowadays then.

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My golf buggy is full of fishermen.

He went off topic intentionally....

BTW, the post I made there was just 'cause I wasn't posting since before the new year... and I usually tend to go off-topic.........

My opinion is that it's nothin' wrong with going a lil' bit off topic but not by much...











Three fleas are knitting crocodiles in a lightbulb.

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I have no idea, but hopefully they can knit their way to happiness in the new world of flea bliss.


Going off topic is mostly a gradual approach. I rarely see someone just spout out "super monkey rubber balls!" and people actually talk about the monkey's rubber balls. Want an example? Sure!


Topic: Super Hero's > Iron Man > Alcohol > Vodka/Beer > Parties > The time you scored with a drunk chick > sex


See how a topic can go from Super Hero's to sex in just a few easy steps?

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My golf buggy is full of fishermen.


this topic reminds me of that bit in Monty python film "meaning of life"


business meeting


man1:"so are reports show that

1. people aren’t wearing enough hats

2. Man is easily distracted from important issues

now on to the meaning of the universe and life itself,to maximize happy.."


man2: "sorry what was that about hats"

man3: "people aren’t wearing enough hats"

man4: "so how can we increase hats in the general population?....."

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