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An Xbox Controller That Doesnt Suck


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For the most part the FPS online games that are featured on the xbox have their much better and more players/games available online for PC.


Id stay clear of the FPS games on xbox if you have a pc. For the ones you do wish to play, suck it up and play. For the most part (as you know) the PC experience will always be better IMO. I would never imagine myself saying this 2 years ago. Ive seen the light and im not goin back! PC games rule for FPS online games.


The BIG FAT xbox controller is the best one for me so far. Despite everyone talkin crap about it, i find it to be the best and most stable controller.


If you like the PS2 controller then just use it. Your probably not going to spend as much time on your xbox playing FPS games like you do on your PC.........

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shiba if you are half way handy you can make a usb to xbox adapter. since the xbox port is just an oversized usb port its just a matter of cutting and splicing wires. I'm sure a keyboard will work like that prolly a mouse too.

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that I dunno. maybe worth a try tho. for the cost of a mouse and a xbox extension cable.

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