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An Xbox Controller That Doesnt Suck


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Well im done, i bought an XBox, and tried EVERY joystick being sold for the XBox at Gamestop, target, Wal-mart, Eb games, and kmart and i came to a realization about 135 dollars later...


I hate them all, or at least for FPS games


There is something wrong with every single one of them. The Xbox Controller S has crappy placements of the black and White buttons, and the Start and Back buttons, and the joysticks dont have a big enough radius, and arent arranged right


i wont even say anything about the original XBox controller, ok maybe i will: Its the size of a frisbee on steroids


All of offbrands are crappy and unresponsive


most of the rest are mishapen


and the rest just break. I seriously returned them all.


Im left with 2 solutions, 1, use a Dualshock 2, or 2, buy a mouse and keyboard for my FPS games, but is that even availible? of course not. SO i have to use a Dualshock 2. Which isnt a problem except for the fact that nothing is going to match up right.


WHy cant a company come out with ONE controller that doesnt blow? I mean really, when i played Unreal Championship with my dualshock 2, i was twice as good as I was before.


None of them are designed for very fast reactions, so playing FPS just doesnt work for me, except maybe halo and Medal of honor, because it isnt very fast pace. (Go play ANY PC shooter for PC if you dont beleive me, and even most of em on Xbox)


Just sharing my experience with Xbox and FPS games...


If someone knows of one that doesnt suck, you deserve a cookie. Or your just REALLY used to one of the controllers ive tested or something so you know how to use it in some weird way

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WT Flock? An arcade stick or FPS? Are you on crack? :lol: But anywas the xbox duke(original) controller kicks azz for FPS, maybe you just have to have big hands like me or something, i have an s contoller and it works fine but i'd rather have a duke contoller becuase of the good joystick placement and nice triggers.

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have you tried the one marketed as an FPS controller. I can't remember the name but it's like camo or olive green, with long handles kinda like pistol grips. I've seen it at gamestop and bestbuy. I haven't tried it but it got a good review in xbox magazine.

I just use the controller s as I don't play to much FPS.

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damn, I guess you're out of luck then.

you'd figure M$ would bring out a good FPS controller or a mouse keyboard setup. since FPS is a big selling point for XBX

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