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The Hacker Of 1Emulation Is Now Revealed.

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Definition: The Swastika is a symbol that has become associated with Nazi Germany. Its origins, however, lie in the culture of many ancient cultures, symbolizing good fortune. In Buddhism, it is a symbol of the Buddha's heart and mind, sometimes appearing on the Buddha's chest in sculptural representations.


So :spam:



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And if that's his picture, I must say that's he a rather unattractive hacker. :spam: Why can't hackers be like the ones in the movies?


But yea, I wonder if GC has gone to the police station with the website and stuff. I guess we just have to wait and see. But if he reall is in Mexico, can the US government really do anything? I don't think they have jurisdiction there. They'll have to coordinate with the Mexican police force which is spread rather thin because of the drugs and stuff.

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It seems that he has listened to their web users and has removed the swastika, but the webpage (maybe the server) doesn't work (bandwith limit exceeded) has anyone done something while we weren't watching? :D


EDIT: sorry he was just changing the server...

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Looks like the same guy to me, so I don't think he's trying to change it to throw people off. Currently (last time I checked, anyways) the downloads were down. Haven't checked the forum to see what people thought about the hacking of the other site (if their topics still exist).

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