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ok, here it goes...


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im looking for some n64 roms. here is the list :


Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Looney Tunes: Space Race

Taz Express

Tom and Jerry: Fists of Furry

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding


if you know where i can get any or all of these, please let me know. thanks.:happy:

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then why have a rom request section at all? by your logic we would then just put nes rom requests in the nes section, mame requests in the mame section, etc. what then, would that leave to put in the rom request section? dont you see what i mean??

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  • 2 weeks later...

Who deleted my reply in here? 8)

Can't take someone agreeing with "ME!" and sporting some intelligence while doing it?

You only make yourself look like an idiot, whoever you are.



It appears EVERY post I made last night is gone. Must be a result of the changeover.

:( I actually started making some good posts, and frequent ones.........now look, they're all gone.

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