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Rockmanzero 3?


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You like the game Lacien? I think Capcom is getting way too lazy. The sprites are exact rips from Zero 2, which was ripped from Zero 1.

hrmmm..When I played Zero 1 I thought it rawked and the same with Zero 2 I think. Played both more than a few times through. So far with 3..i'm not getting the same feeling.

The first 2 I played the first time through almost in one sitting because I liked it so much, but this one I've sat down and played it probably 3-4 times and haven't really gotten that far. Could be that I can't read japanese, but that didn't matter when I played the first one..

I like it, but I'm definitely hoping it gets better as I play further. New sprites would have been really nice or some fancy new z-saber animations atleast, but like what was said about previous games-I didn't expect any.

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