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  1. OK, i recently ordered EZF advance cart and link cable and downloaded some roms. I was wondering if there was anyway to edit a GBA Rom or extract teh stuff inside the rom, edit it and then repack, because i have a few games that are multi-language and are 16 megs, and i want to cut them down because a 256 mbit cart can hold 32 megs, and i have 4 games that i want to put on it (one 8 mb,three 16 mb) i just wanted to like remove some images or whole parts of the game that i totally dont need, especially the other languages in the multi-language ones. If anyone can link to or tell me how i can do this, i'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. i play them in my GC. Nothing has stopped me. I just copy, pop it in, and i play. Its like the dreamcast.
  3. You can make copies of gamecube games. You first do the extraction of the stuff, and make an ISO out of it, then you buy some mini-dvds (1.5 gigs, 8cm discs) from like www.allmediaoutlet.com and burn them, ive done this and it works. ive made so many copies from blockbuster and gamefly.com, i probably have all the games there are for GC. I also found a piece of software called GC Ripper. GC ripper extracts the game directly to ISO.
  4. Woah, i left this topic with like 7 posts and it becomes a 3 page topic. Also, i did a search on the model number (DTL-H1001) and it gave me a top-secret file hacked from Sony about how to program using the DTL-H1001 and all the other systems involved in the process. its pretty cool. Heres a direct link. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navc...8&q=DTL%2DH1001 Too bad i dont have the DTL-2xxx then it would be killer. Well imma keep my little box in a tight safe inside another with a 7 combo lock on each j/k Thx for the info. [Edit] oh and mine is funky, its not blue like the rest, its actually colored like the normal PSX
  5. O well, sorry, i just noticed that, it sometimes pays to buy from pawm shops.
  6. I burned Legend of Dragoon all 4 cds and a yugioh game, they all work. And on the bottom of my PS is says: Playstation Programmer Tool Debugging station My dad bought this from a pawm shop. Maybe its some kind of testing version that doesnt have the restriction or something. I dunno. The model # is DTL-H1001 maybe its the first version or something. And it has a small sticker that says "Property of Sony Computer Entertainment" with a barcode under and the number 1000743. Maybe its because of that, but someone should test it, maybe it will work on all of them.
  7. Ok this worked for me and i was quite amazed it did. Things you need: - Playstation (duh) - Blank CD (duh) - Alcohol 120% (software) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. First download and install Alcohol 120%. 2. Get the image you want to burn and open up Alcohol 120% 3. Drag & Drop the Image into Alcohol 120% 4. Right-Click the name of the image in Alcohol 120% and select "Image Burning Wizard" 5. In the first windows just click next. 6. In the second you will see a dropdown box on the bottom, change the selection in the dropdown to "Playstation" and click Finish (or next, im doing this off the top of my head). 7. Let is burn. 8. When its done burning pop it into you PS and play. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, it worked on my PS without modchips, boot disks, etc. My PS is August 1996 if that matters. Also Alcohol 120% has "Playstation 2" in the dropdown but i dont have a PS2 to see if it works. I dont gurantee it will work on all PS cause Ive only tested on mine.
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