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Its Official Now, no more NeoGeo


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Well we just have to see whether or not how they do with the new hardware. Just like ps2, the first few games to come out for it weren't all that great. I just hope they know how to use this new hardware properly. If the atomiswave is base on naomi (more or less) emulation of it could be possible for it soon for someone supposedly is working on a naomi emu. Anyways, It was a great run for the MVS. You could say it was the single longest running system in video game history, but i guess all great things must come to an end.

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The NeoGeo had a great run. Some of the best games ever. Now lets hope that Sammy can keep up the tradition. And from what I've played of Guilty Gear, they seem to have some talent. :P


It's kind of weird how you need an uber-computer to emulate a not-so-uber console/arcade machine. Since it is basically a toned down Dreamcast. We haven't even gotten a proper running Dreamcast emulator so far.


Perhaps someone will emulate Atomiswave FOR the Dreamcast since the instructions are practically the same (well I'm assuming that). Then someone will just have to dump the ROMs (which will probably be HUGE) and run them like any other DC ISO. That would be cool.



Yes well, a toast to NeoGeo. You will always be remembered. (Why am I pretending that the NeoGeo can hear and understand this, because I'm insane.)

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i hope the gameplay for the kof games dont change just because the graphics change..like what cvs and cvs2 did to it

Well the gameplay in CvS and CvS2 changed because they weren't KoF games. :P. They were Capcom-ized SNK characters. Nothing wrong with that though, just different.


But I think Sammy will adhere to the basic KoF gameplay framework ie. punching and kicking. But every new KoF game had some pretty big changes to the gameplay (for better or worse). Just take a look at KoF2003. That's a HUGE change in gameplay mechanics. And with those Guilty Gear minds working on KoF, you can except some pretty nifty things to happen.

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finally, KOF will have a new home, but this is not an odinary home anymore..


guilty gear XX put fighting larger than life itself, so i guess KOF will get the boost

it deserve from being one of the most successful game on the planet..


sad thing though, atomiswave is too much for PC but i guess it'll just take a little

genius out there to beat the board..



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