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Kof2003 on MameOX


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it should work fine with emus, its just some games are locked at 733 so u wont see anything different. I heard like halo plays much smoother and has less graphic slow down online yet midtownmadness plays way faster than it should. So for Emus = good, some xbox games = bad. Personly id just make a super fast pc :D. i love my xbox but it isnt like its gona last forever.

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Get it function on an upgraded xbox is not the goal, is it!?

IF it does function seems good to me, but the real trial is to get it work on a simply modded xbox, not on an upgraded one.

For me it seems like we need only to wait until the kawaks "p" is out.

All the rest seems only a waste of time.

Mameox needs the virtual memory support, until that it's just incomplete.


P.S. can anyone explain me what do you do with a 128mb xbox if the games do not use this memory???

I admit my ignorance, but that's it! :blink::):(

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