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VisualBoy Advance 1.7.1 released!

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Visualboy Advance is a Gameboy Advance emulator. The Windows and Linux versions have been updated, here are the changes.

Core changes:
- added SWI call (0xf9 in thumb mode) to exit emulator in SDL version
- avoid crash when loading an invalid ELF file
- avoid turning sound on if soundOffFlag is true
- disabled remove intros option
- fixed memory leak in ELF support code
- fixed memory corruption if loading a bigger file than the memory to hold it
- fixed some compile warnings in the profiling code
- merged some big endian fixes into the code
- update battery files more often (a bit after the save memory is last updated)

- fixed bug with window support introduced in version 1.7
- fixed HALT bug when no matching bits for interrupt

- added cartridge save strings to bug report
- changed default button on disassembly views to Go instead of Close
- changed power management/screen saver disabling code again to avoid problems
- fixed compilation problems on VC 7
- fixed multi-monitor support
- fixed bug loading memory dumps
- fixed crash onb map/oam/tile viewers
- fixed problem 320x240 mode open/save dialogs
- fixed bug where user selected Gameboy colors were reset and not stored
- fixed bug rendering the translator URL
- fixed memory leak in OpenGL code which caused nasty problems
- store throttle value between restarts of the emulator
- updated FAQ and URL links to the new site

Get it [url="http://vba.ngemu.com/"]here[/url]

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Wonderful Emulator. I get a constant 60/60 fps on just about every comp i try it on.

so far, not a single crash or anything from this emu.

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VBA is one of my all time favorite emulators.........I have never experienced any problems with it.

:D :P :D

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