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Get Kawa-X And FBAX From Here


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due to some guy being dumb or something, I'm gonna do a post on newsgroups of Kawa-HeX + Banned/Hacked roms


some guy around newsgroup is claiming kawa-x se for himself by calling it Kawa-Next. how i know this is easy; someone kept asking for a rotd with the heatlh bar not screwed up for kawa-next on newsgroups.


everyone by now knows that it was Kawa-x SE that had the prob with the health bars :D


i'm posting in the following groups:





also all my roms are updated with the latest fixes except for samsho5's v roms being merged (i did that for personal use really so i can get the hang of hexing) so enjoy the post B)

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yeah i familar with ciccors but this guy is claiming its totally different from kawa-x se, even said that kawa-x se didn't allow all games (except kof2k3 of course) :D


also not too long ago, so group called masters made a release with kawa-x plus renamed to something and roms and not giving any credit to N3OGH0ST


EDIT: it turns out it is ciccors version the guy is claiming it as kawa-next

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