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Yes the legendary sexy beast is coming to SAN JOSE TOMMOROW @ the HP PAVILLION :D:D:D


Anyone goin?


I hope he plays some of his old stuff back when he was ziggy/aladdin sane


:( I hate driving to the East Bay :(



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"Yes the legendary sexy beast"


Dont start fires here please.

huh what's that's supposed to mean

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Prolly gonna see him @ this years Isle of Wight festival, could be my last chancde hes no exactly a freshman anymore.


I have around 14 DB LP's, most on vynal, could say i'm a mild fan;)


The Reality album was pretty good, it eliminated the cheese that was some of Heathen, yet some Heathen seems a better album, perhaps Reality was too straight forward.

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yeah NIN's stuff are pretty good


Trent Reznor is good :sad:

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