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What do you think of this joystick?


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whats it for? fighting games?

yes it is.


Did you read the whole page.

anyway i think he should get it if he wants it.








MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK is the one player follow up to the highly successful Arcade game controller, which interfaces WITH ANY GAME SYSTEM. You can use the MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK with your PC, Playstation One, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBOX Live! --whatever you own! Just purchase a simple game console adapter for each game system! Your MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK will never become obsolete and you will never need to learn new controls again!


Authentic Arcade Joystick - True Head To Head Gaming

Bring home the classic arcade feeling with authentic arcade joysticks, just like the real arcade. The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICKs are tested for commercial grade arcade use, meaning they withstand intense pounding and sustain over 1,000,000 presses! You can also daisy chain up to 4 together!

Authentic MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK For Authentic Arcade Feel

The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK special coating feels exactly like the top of a real arcade panel. Commercial grade quality and durability built to withstand button smashing and fist pounding arcade action.

are you an expert fighting game player? If you are advanced player or expert for fighting games. You need to have this to win online fighting and to win tournament!

Play With Any Game Console that you have!

MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK works with any Personal Computer by plugging into a keyboard port with PS TO PC CONVER.. The incredible value of the MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK is that is can be used with VIDEO GAME Console Adapters so it can immediately and effortlessly be used with your video game console. If you have an Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Apple, XBOX, Gamecube, Playstation One/2;, just buy the MYMYBOX Approved Adapter for that system and two players can play with MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK on that console. Adapters will continue to be developed for future consoles, so your MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK will last a lifetime!



Keep The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICKAs A Fixture For Your Gaming Experience.

As Sony™, Microsoft™ and Nintendo™ all design different game systems, different controllers, different buttons; your MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK will remain exactly the same, and you will never need to learn anything new!. Never learn a new controller size, layout, style or shape; just purchase the adapter for your new game system and use the MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK with a configuration you are comfortable with and enjoy.


Instantly Compatible With All Emulators For Classic Arcade Experience

For those who want to play arcade classics on their PC for that nostalgic feeling,, the MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK works with all emulation software and is the best priced, highest quality product for this market. If you are building an arcade cabinet, or home arcade machine, the MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK is your solution. When you purchase an MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK, you get all the info you need to turn your PC into a home arcade machine capable of playing thousands of classics on your PC!


Use Out Of The Box In 1 Minute. No Drivers Or Software To Load

There are no special drivers to load, no complicated manuals to read, just plug it in, and start playing. It's as simple as using a keyboard.

Play Fighting, Sports and Arcade Games The Way They Were Meant To Be Played

The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK offers superior fighting genre control unmatched by any other possible game controller. Imagine playing Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter 4, Tekken 4, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO, or Marvel Vs Capcom 2 with the real arcade, in your home. The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK is an exact replica of a standup fighting arcade machine ported to your home.

As an Arcade Classic Controller, playing classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Robotron, Tron and similar have never been more fun. The MYMYBOX ARCADE JOYSTICK is setup so the pinball buttons deposit money into the arcade game, and with real arcade start buttons, you'll think your computer morphed into a standup arcade!


Take the step to bring the arcade experience into your home

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Yeah I read the page. But that's just sale blather. I wanted to know if anyone of you have had personal experience with it.


Now I have to pitch this sale to my parents...:(


They hate it when I play games so I don't think they'll agree to letting me buy this thing.

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Now I have to pitch this sale to my parents...:D


They hate it when I play games so I don't think they'll agree to letting me buy this thing.

Tell them that videogames train your reflexes :(

And if my memory's good, it has even been proved scientifically :(

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Is that so...sounds nice. How is the XBOX arcade stick? flock sleep! Time to research!


Forgot to ask, which one do you plan on getting? Any pics perhaps? Links? Thanks.

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