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Mario Sunshine


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No i have not found the rom for this games, but i have done the next best thing and purchased a copy for my purple gamecube!

I played for about an hour today, first impressions, well not sure yet, you seem to fight the camera angles on a constent basis, the graphics are very good allthough seem un polished in places.

The gameplay is fluid with very responsive controls and apparently yoshi the drug head is back this time round.

This will be my update to you guys on the supposed game of the year!!


Ps.try this link



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that game looks real fun in the commercial. even though, you really cant trust what you see on tv, i was thinking of getting a gamecube just because of it. are there any other games you recommend for this system that would make the gc worth buying?:D :D

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At the moment in england the must have games are thusly:


Pikmin: Fresh idea from miyamoto.

Resident evil: A remake of the origanol psone amazeing graphics with new sections and, new addition in defence items, a zombie grabs you shove a grenade in its mushy head and wait for the boom. puzzles very hard i had to use an online guide for this suka.

Starfox adventures: Rares last appearance for the console [ nintendo ] havent played yet but its on my want list, huge epic quest with graphics so vast [ think get force gemini on 64 ]

Luigis mansion: lot of fun at first i got bored real quick with it and px it [ ghostbusters meets mario]

For the football fan iss2, hard, playble, must have for the football freaks.

Rouge squardron 2 [ star wars, and as far as star wars games go its a pretty good one, again graphics will blow you away]


The future: This is were nintendo wins it for me.

The new zelda scheduled for realease febuary, cell shaded adventure,nuff sed.

Metroid prime:a mix of first person and third person shooter adventure, i despratlie want this game.

Pikmin 2. dont know anything about it.

Die hard nakatomi plaza:first person shooter

medel of honor: the gamecube version is planned.


other games. waverace, tonyhawks 4 [future realease] the thing [resi style shooter]

Resident evil zero tag team antics in the shoot um up adventure.

super monkey ball [puzzle thing ]

mario party.

Thats all i can think of, of the top of my head more info as i get it!!

Gamecube will have qalaty threw out its apperance on the games scene

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dude, those games sound awesome. i actually saw a review for pickmin on tv, it looked kinda cool, with the little alien guys you have to collect so they can help you rebuild your space ship, i think that is how the story goes. anyway, it looked cool. i'll do a search on the games you mention in order to get screenshots and stuff. thanks for the help man. now i am definately getting a gamecube. probably around this christmas.:D

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Good man, you know it makes sense!

Be honest has nintendo ever let you down.

It used to be wait to play.

Nintendos policy is now short and sweet.

They are giving gamers what they want more marios more zeldas blood and guts.

Oh yeah fzero as well, sega are co produceing it with nintendo.

Diidy kong raceing and the new mario kart [ no new details on mario kart as such]

I got the purple gamecube man it comes with a free handle so if your freind beats you at super smash brothers you can whack him round the head with the cube[or it could be for carrying it]

Reccomendation: purchase a 3rd party memory card at 8 meg, i got suckered for the offciol[cant spell oficiol] which is only 4 meg, games like iss2 take up a lot of memory my card was jampacked and couldent save much else.

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Played more mario sunshine all i can say is, dont worry miyamato has delivered!!!:D:) :) :D:):D


I agree, I have been playing it all weekend and this week. It is just more Mario 64 basically and it rocks. THe Fludd is great, I don't understand why so many people hate it.


As for the other games, Pikmin is great but rent it, because you will complete it in about 6 hours.


I can't wait for Metroid Prime, Zelda and the rest though. Also there will be a HUGE announcement by Nintendo at the end of the year about something. At least thats what it said on IGN a week or so ago.

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I was surprised at how different it is then mario 64, I have not played it all that much I bought it for my wife, but I will tell you she plays the hell out of it, and theres a lot more to do then in mario 64. The grahics look outstanding, plus it's really different then any other game in the genre which is a good thing. Though for what ever reason I'd rather play mario 64 compared to that game.

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On first impresions, i think mario 64 is the better game, hey has anyone done the level were your on the back of a big sand bird, and you have to collect eight red coins that is annoyingly hard:bounce:

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man, i tried that link emsley, that thing is trippy.:rvd: i started to go into a seizer immediately.:) Whoa...try spinning it clockwise. ok, now im freaking out. great link dude!:P

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