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Mario Sunshine


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Mario Sunshine superior among the best adventure game for now..and most ppl does'nt approve this as some kiddie game..in fact, its very addictive to all mario fans..and i figured that nintendo diabolical plan to toy with the fragile emotions of millions of gamers. if they really wanted to, they could just release tons of incredibly medicore gamers all year long hehe. Instead, they cruely decided to spend lots of time crafting this thrilling blockbuster hit that everyone loves:shocked:

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What happens if i click that site the one on your sig?:)

Well first of all...you cant click it which i think GameCop disable web links...but try c/p this onto the new window and see for yourself...but be warned !! As i told..you will be sorry:happy: ;)

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No way to crazy it could be a virus or anything

i am staying pure and away from whatever it is although i mihgt link it to a freind:happy:

To top this off due to your curiosity !! Its just a disturbing picture;)

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No i dident see that, that image is burned in my brain forever.


my guess, its probably gay porn or some $hit like that. you can keep it. im not going to even bother.:(:


anyway, emsley, have you seen that new volleyball game for the gamecube? SWEAT! i wonder if you can make them fight? down on the sand...in their bikinis...pulling each other's hair...MEOW!:)

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