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Mario Sunshine


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it does look good. im not really much for volleyball, but who knows, it might be fun. at least the scenary looks good. huba huba.:(:

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I know last years olympics, no body cares who won all they wanted was the brazillian womans net ball team.

All i hoped for is that it went the distance.



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these are the games im thinkin of gettin this christmas when i buy myself a gamecube :


Super Mario Sunshine

Dungeons and Dragons Heroes

Resident Evil

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

The Hobbit

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Luigi's Mansion


there are more i want, but these will probably be the first on my list. so, have you played or heard any good things about these games here? besides, ofcourse, mario sunshine, which i already know is THE BEST!!:(:

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If you have ever played any resident evil me!

you wont be dissapointed with the gamecube version

Pne of the highlityes is the underground base with the shraks, its

the hardest resi ive played,As for satr fox dinosaour planet i have read and heard only good things about it.

Im sure metroid prime is due this year.

As for the other games on your list i personalie wouldent by them unless gamesmaster told me to do so.

I have owneed lugis mansion but [ and i dont know wy ]

i got bored with it after about a week.

Haveing saying that i bet its real cheap second hand now and it is a very good game.

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