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New SNK games, or atleast so im told.


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Ok, a friend of mine (well his only been a friend for the past week cos thats when he moved here), told me his dad works for snk in japan (his dad is not leaving with them atm), he said his dad is some type of beta tester, or debuger or something like that anyways, he said his dad was telling him about some new snk games thats coming out in the next year or so, and this is what he said to me.


KOF04 <--- running on atomisware (meant to be out by xmas this year or the start of next year).

Samsho 6<---running on atomisware (meant to be out early next year).

Metal Slug 6 <----running on atomisware ( out sometime next year no real date set).

Gal Fighters 04 <---- Running on MVS (meant to be out this year).

kof 3 <---Running on gba (also meant to be out this year).

KOFU (ultra) <--- Running on the psp (meant to be just a port of KOF3 gba game)


Anyway, thats what he said to me, if its true or not i do not know, like i said this guy has only been living here for about 1 week, i only started hanging around with him about 3 or 4 days ago, so he could be speaking out of his ass, but if his not we can be looking at 1 more NEOGEO game, Gal Fighters 04 would be sweet :D.

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no 04 as in 2004, i don't know maybe they are going to do it every year like with the kof games??, anyway like i already said i hope he is telling the truth, cos if his not, and if i hear nothing of any of them games by the end of the year, this guy is going to get a good beating :D.

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Is Gal Fighters that good? I've never had a chance to play it; I only read about it.

Just grab a Neo-Geo Pocket emulator and the rom... --> Play it like mad.

time to change some new games ei? :(

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