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Silent Hill vs. Resident Evil


Which do you like better?  

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Where's Clock Tower in the poll?!


Anyway, I like both series, but Silent Hill has the lead. Silent Hill is more focused on creping, psychological horror, whereas Residental Evil uses mainly "BOO!" tactics.

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I liked R.E. for the action and story


But i prefer the errie feel of silent hill.


and the story is like. "WORD" somthing straight out of some creepy

Dario Argento Film :P...Susperia.....


I think resident evil has gotten whack these days, when i play that game i'm not afraid [prolly cause i've been Desensitized playing SH] or having that fun yet creepy anxiety while walking down a long hallway thinking there is a LAB ZOMBIE lurking. when i play R.E. i feel i'm in some kind of ACTION MOVIE or a "GEORGE A ROMERO film" which also reminds me how WHACK capcom is, when CAPCOM wanted to make the R.E. movie they hired "Geroge A romero" Director of Night of the living dead 60's/80's version, day of the dead, dawn of the dead etc. He is the reason why R.E. is what it is today. anywayz, from what i heard CAPCOM wasn't feelin his script so they fired him, got some DIPSHI to direct this RETARDED ass resident evil movie with MILA JOVOVICH [i'm not hating on the hot gal, only the director] and that was hella stupid :rolleyes:



I'd make it a tie, if they make another resident evil and make it freaky like the FIRST ONE was. I remember playing that shi when i was in 5th grade back in i think 1995 or somthin :lol:



Plus, I happen to like industrial music, and to have that while playing a cool game that's a BIG PLUS PLUS :D

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Silent Hill.


Resident evil (at least after the first) became more of a shock horror game than a real horror game ( i remember feeling like it had become an action game and actually finding dino crisis two "which is an action game" scarier than resident evil 3)



Silent hill on the other hand is a psychological horror game, it scares you on an inner level and doesn't depend on shock, hence forth no matter how many times you play any of the games, you still feel afraid and even though you might KNOW about a shock in the game it still scares you (the cat and corpse in the school in silent hill one for example)


resident evil : cheezy b-movie

Silent hill : se7en, 8mm, nightmare simulator.


silent hill hands down.

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You know...I don't even know why I voted for RE. Both Games I played and I kept dying in both of them till I figured you had to press an AIM button before you could shoot :)


Otherwise RE was still kinda better...because I loved playing RUN CIRCLES AROUND ZOMBIES!!!! :(

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