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King of Fighters 2003 News II


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Gr8 News From KOF Union

Translated:By Me!(Tidus)

Although Every1 Wants To Wait 4 The Arrive Of KOF2K3 ROM,

But,That Is Impossible,

So The People Who Started The Rumor Please Keep Ur Mouth Shut.


Because KOF2K3 BIO is New,And The Emulator Now Doesn't Support The New BIO.

Because KOF2K3 Encryped/Decryped Is New,But Expert Can Encryed/Decryped The KOF2K3.But Emulator Krawk And Nebula All Say Will Not Support Newly BIO,So Even U Have The Fully Decryped ROM,Unless U Have The Power To Make An Emulator,Then,U Can't Play It.

And That Few Author Says If KOF2K3 Any1 Leak It Out(The ROM)They Will Stop And The Continued Emulator(Whoa,An Emu Crew!)

So,Don't Say Rubbish Anymore.

If U Wanna Play The KOF2K3,Thats Impossible.


And 2 Emulator,MAME And NRX,

Don't Count On MAME,hehe.

NRX,Star(Whos He/She?)Will Not Even Realease An Emulaotr For KOF2K3

Although Last Time Some NRX Version ECGC Team Accidently Realease It.Now Only Star Can Get It,Others Can't.

Even U have The ROM,Without The Emu,How Can You Play?

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I really don't think it will take that long if there are multiple copies of the game being worked on (given that the bootleg and the pirate of the bootleg, plus whatever else, are out there somewhere).

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what about ultimame32? i thought ultimame32 was able to run kof2k3 and according to http://www.infinite-emulation.com it says it will be released on march(which is the same time when the AES version comes out march 11).

That's just one of multiple emulators that support the game before its release. Hell, anyone can make a compatible MAME just as easy. All you need are CRC values and crossed fingers to hope it doesn't require additional source code workarounds like mslug5 once the game is able to be loaded up in the emulator.


Infinite Emulation is probably talking about the plans of one individual team working on it. There are multiple dumpers working to get this ROM out, not just one. So any particular website's claims are pretty much talking about what little they know themselves and only regarding dumpers willing to share their plans.

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Dont know if this is b.s. sorry if it is but file mirrors has a series of kof2003 files to dowload they state

kof2k3_01.zip 9.38M

kof2k3_02.zip 14.04M

kof2k3_03.zip 12.10M

kof2k3_04.zip 14.89M


50.41 M


They were posted today, im not sure what they are, whould check if I had the time, well actually ill check it out and tell ya if its anything good- aight

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